Albers in Command


The series of records made by Command Records almost 56 years ago still resonates with audiophiles and are much sought after by connoisseurs of mid-century modern design. The covers represent a result of the meeting of two individuals, Josef Albers and Enoch Light. Both men driven by a strong conviction about their respective crafts—one an influential teacher and artist, and the other a stereo-recording pioneer. Although Albers is a legendary figure in the graphic design world, the artwork he did for Command represent nearly the only examples of his commercial work. The designs pushed the level of abstraction never before seen on records, while the albums pushed the capabilities of the recording and reproduction of stereo sound. Perfectly matched, and bold for their time, the records benefited from a growing class of post-war consumers interested in a comfortable lifestyle, and were a big commercial success. The covers are a testament to the value of trusting in strong, visual design and serve as a manifestation of the commingling of European Modernist ideals.

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The following artists will be producing one–off pieces for the event: Courtney Bowditch, Emil Nisowski, Keith Scharwath, Nitzan Hermon, Use all 5

Brief: buy a record from 1960 or before – cover it with your own artwork, process of your choice – sell at a fixed price of $100 and document on your phone

Join us on: Saturday 31st Jan 2015: 2pm - 7:30pm Upstairs at Ace Hotel, 921 S Broadway, LA

Event info – The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation
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